901PARTIES TRACKLESS CHOO CHOO TRAIN will have the whole crew board and chug a lug from station to station!

We spend a great deal of time to ensure you have a great time during your child’s special day.  901parties Trackless Choo Choo Trains have several safety features to contain your travel crew.

Trackless Choo Choo trains provide entertainment for children and adults of all ages.  It’s the one kiddie ride that parents can actually participate.

Trackless Choo Choo Train Toys For Kid’s

For the best riding experience, your trackless train rental comes equipped with pneumatic tires that run on any semi-flat area including grass, pavement and solid soil.  Rest assured knowing that you will have a fun ride and your lawn won’t be compromised by tire tracks.

With the support and assistance of party / event hosts, our Memphis Trackless Choo Choo Train conductors hold safety as the number one priority.  It is important for adults to be present at all times to manage behaviors and station management.

Equipped with music, one engine and 2 cars, the Trackless Choo Choo Train can accommodate a mix  of children and adults.  Typically 12 toddlers can ride while parents await their arrival at the station.  Or, 6 parents and 6 children can ride at the same time, based on size.

Our engines are filled and ready for all to board a wonderful outdoor experience.  Rain, cold weather, heat, and other tolerable weather conditions will not affect the operation of your trackless Choo Choo Train Rental.  Unfortunately, emissions will not permit an indoor experience.

901PARTIES Trackless Choo Choo Trains are a great addition to children’s costume character birthday parties, community parks, health fairs, zoo tours, resort fam trips, seasonal festivals, special events, concerts, parades, carnivals and family reunions.


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